Edge Unlimited Productions, LLC. offers Pay Per Click Management Services:
Documented Success – For over a decade, Edge Unlimited Productions, LLC. has exceeded client expectations. Let our search engine marketing clients tell you about our proven track record.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

As a full-service Internet marketing agency, all of our pay per click advertising efforts are executed in-house and supported by solid disciplines in marketing, technology, and business strategy.

Best In Class Search Engine Marketing Technology

Edge Unlimited Productions, LLC. has the best and most powerful combination of proprietary, custom developed applications and existing search engine marketing tools in the industry.

Superior Marketing Intelligence

We maintain strategic partnerships with the best sources of Internet marketing knowledge, intelligence gathering, and analytical research.

Superior Marketing Intelligence

We maintain strategic partnerships with the best sources of Internet marketing knowledge, intelligence gathering, and analytical research.

Search Engine Marketing Certified Experts

The Edge Unlimited Productions, LLC. team of Internet marketing experts and search engine marketing specialists are certified by the top three search engines, Google, Yahoo!, and MSN.

Documented Success

Edge Unlimited Productions, LLC. clients include organizations among local businesses, Internet Retailer’s, and a mix of other online advertisers dedicated to growth. Our search engine marketing has propelled some of our clients on to the prestigious lists mentioned previously. Our advertisers are at an advantage over their competition because we approach each client’s business with a solid foundation of search engine marketing technology, guided by Edge Unlimited Productions, LLC. experts and our search engine marketing methodology. We are driven by our commitment to make your pay per click advertising campaign a success.

Multi-Disciplinary Approach

Edge Unlimited Productions, LLC. provides comprehensive, closed loop, Internet marketing services. We realize that a successful Internet and search engine marketing campaign requires integration and synergy among services and teams. We pride ourselves on having developed an expert, multi-disciplinary team that provides results and constantly seeks new ways to maximize your campaign.

The foundation of our comprehensive solution is pay per click advertising. Our pay per click advertising experts go beyond the traditional bid management and extensive keyword portfolio strategies. We work with you to understand your core customer’s search and buying behavior. Edge Unlimited Productions, LLC. then leverages our expertise across industries to develop a search marketing campaign that will achieve your desired results.

Our Platinum Class Pay Per Click Management Technology

At the center of our technology arsenal, Edge Unlimited Productions, LLC. has developed a series of strategies, a highly sophisticated tool which provides extensive insight into each pay per click marketing campaign with an ability to drill down to the most granular data. It allows our teams to manage all campaigns efficiently as discrete groups of user selected variables (portfolio) or as individual records (keyword based). Additionally, Edge Unlimited Productions, LLC. has partnerships with market leaders in the areas of marketing intelligence and web analytics.

No technology, however, is capable of uncovering the nuances of each online business in and of it self. That is why, Edge Unlimited Productions’, LLC. long experience in the Internet marketing industry and the command of these sophisticated tools by our team has proven to be a winning formula for our clients.

Superior Pay Per Click Marketing Intelligence

A commercial plane can not fly without radar nor can an online marketer succeed without the right business intelligence. In addition to our comprehensive knowledge of the paid search market and our countless industry contacts, Edge Unlimited Productions, LLC. has access to the most extensive collection of consumer behavior data about your competitors’ website visitors. By leveraging this market intelligence, Edge Unlimited Productions, LLC. is able to expose weaknesses in your competitor’s online business including their pay per click advertising and help you find opportunities for building more business while improving the results of your PPC advertising investment.

PPC Search Engine Marketing Experts with over 20 years experience
As a pioneer in pay per click management, Edge Unlimited Productions, LLC. was one of the first in the market when internet ads went from free to pay per click basis.

Our close relationships with search engines allow us, as a pay per click company, continuous access to new knowledge and gives us the ability to master changes and upgrades to each platform before they are released by the search engines.

Our Pay Per Click Management Services Include:

< Pay per click marketing strategy consultation
< Keyword research, discovery, and development
< Ad copy creation
< Landing page and creative design that support pay per click advertising efforts
< API access to pay per click advertising data from Google, Yahoo, and MSN
< Centralized keyword management interface
< PPC bid management solution integrated with keyword management interface
< Customizable PPC report suite
< Ad copy and landing page analytics

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