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How to Choose Your Next CMS

A content management system (CMS) is the backbone of your company’s web presence. Choosing the right one can be a daunting task, but this edge Unlimited Productions is here to help you navigate to the best choice for you and your business.

What Is a CMS? Content Management Systems Explained

Short for content management system, a CMS is a piece of software that helps you create and manage content for your website using a human-friendly interface, rather than needing to work directly with the code.

Basically, a CMS makes managing a website much easier for people of all technical levels. Via that human-friendly interface, a CMS takes your inputs and turns them into a functioning website for your visitors.

The Benefits Of Using A CMS For Your Website

Obviously, the big benefit of using a CMS is how easy it makes it to manage content. That’s why it’s in the name!

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But a good CMS will also help you handle other important aspects of your website like:

  • Extensibility – you’ll be able to add functionality and make design decisions without needing to work with any of the underlying code.
  • User management and access permissions – you can control who can access your website and what they can do (for example, maybe you want to give a freelance writer access, but only to write blog posts).
  • Media management – you can upload photos and embed videos into your content without needing to work directly with your web server.
  • Version control – you can easily see what’s changed on your site and view a full history of all edits.

A CMS Is Made Up Of Two Core Parts

If you further break down a content management system, there are two main parts that help create your website.

First, you have the content management application (CMA for short). This is the part of the CMS that you’ll work with on a daily basis. For example, here’s what the content management application looks like in WordPress, the most popular content management system in existence.

Once you’ve made your changes in the content management application, the content delivery application (CDA for short) is responsible for taking the content that you enter into the human-friendly interface and turning it into a working website that visitors from around the world can access.

Basically, it handles assembling all the code that controls how your website looks to visitors.

Todays CMS Platform are very vulnerable to bits delivering malware to the leading CMS developing programs. This can infect your site thereby your web visitors computers. Keeping site secure is a constant challenge since bots travel all through the World Wide Web just looking for way to hack into sites.


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