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Consulting Services Include:

< Web site design
< Search engine marketing
< Web site usability
< Web Site Design Consulting

Our web site consulting services range from simply analyzing your HTML code and web graphic images for minimum download time.

< Layout
< Text
< Graphics
< Downloading
< E-Commerce Consulting

Need a little help with your E-Commerce site?

You may be surprised to know that selling new E-Commerce sites is not our primary source of revenue. Our business goal is to help businesses and organization create and grow successful business and E-Commerce web sites. Much of our work comes through consulting with customers on how to continue to increase the effectiveness of their online E-Commerce or business site.

Increasing the effectiveness of your E-Commerce site begins with numbers...

< Number of visitors to your site
< Ratio of visitors to buyers
< Ratio of visitors to new customers
< Ratio of visitors who call the 800 number (if available)
< Ratio of visitors who request information
< Ratio of visitors who download product information, Etc.

We use these numbers to help us target exactly which parts of your site need improvement and whether or not the changes we make or suggest actually increase the effectiveness. You may be working with the most creative people in the world but if you are not measuring the success of their ideas, they may well be a waste of time.

We start with a realistic look at your site and your business goals to determine if there is alignment. Your site may be getting tons of hits but if the actions the visitors take don't positively reflect on your business goals they are of little use.

We do in-depth keyword research to make sure that the keywords you are optimizing for are worth the effort. This helps up create a more effective optimization effort.

We also look at specific sections of your site for improvement opportunities. We monitor measurements before we start the re-design and after we are finished to make sure that the changes we made increased the effectiveness.

Our process is simple.

< Set the goals for the site.
< Design changes to better meet those goals.
< Implement the changes.
< Measure the effect of the changes on our preferred results.
< Evaluate the effect on our goals and re-adjust if necessary.
< Design changes to better meet those goals.

If this sounds familiar you have probably been exposed to the continuous improvement concepts introduced by W. Edward Deming in Japan after World War II. We use many of his concepts and methodologies in helping our customers create more effective web sites.

If you have any specific questions about our services, please use email us at
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